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Whether your organization wants to maximize the impact of its leaders, increase the effectiveness of client-facing employees, or boost the interpersonal and collaborative skills of anyone on your staff, Sara Canaday’s powerful workshops are recognized for delivering outstanding results.

Participants from major corporations, industry/government groups and leading universities consistently reward Sara with top ratings for highly engaging sessions that generate light-bulb-moment insights and actionable strategies for positive change. Sara’s interactive, content-rich workshops are typically offered in half-day or one-day formats on-site at your facility or the location of your choice. If you want targeted results that accelerate business success, Sara Canaday can add measurable value to your professional development program.

Popular Workshops

Your Leadership Brand: Evaluate Your Impact, Communicate Your Value

Designed to help participants take ownership of their professional development in a way that accelerates their performance and collaborative skills while maximizing their contributions to corporate goals

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Emotional Intelligence: Practical Applications with Business Impact

Designed to help participants recognize and strengthen their EQ, guiding them to incorporate the powerfully subtle behaviors found among the world’s most effective leaders.

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Next-Level Leadership

Designed to help participants understand and integrate the specific attributes that define outstanding leaders and catapult them to greater performance and success.

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

Designed to enable business leaders at any level to more effectively get the performance they need from both their direct reports and others.

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“We could no longer deny the importance of personal branding. Our company invests significantly in the development and maintenance of our corporate brand. We needed to address the gaps in our personal brands as well. Sara’s workshop helped us transform a somewhat nebulous concept into tangible actions by identifying gaps and creating real plans to close them that are both quantifiable and measurable.”
Jim Russell, Senior Vice President, Sales, Freeman