Leadership, Then and Now

I have been privileged to coach some amazing professionals over the last few years, and I am always humbled by their capacity to adapt and master new leadership approaches. Throughout our discussions, I am reminded that effective leadership strategies have evolved significantly since I was an Operations Executive 13 years ago.

Financial success still remains the […]

Leadership, Coaching & A Trip To Colorado

Leader as Coach: it’s an enormous movement in corporate America today. In fact, the concept of a leader operating as a coach or mentor has never before taken such a prominent role in the leadership development arena. Why? Research clearly shows that leaders who take the time to coach their team members have direct, positive […]

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Emotional Intelligence: Cult or Competitive Advantage

When I’m working with leaders to identify their most critical development needs, often factors related to Emotional Intelligence become part of the discussion So imagine my surprise when I read a post on LinkedIn titled, “Emotional Intelligence is Overrated

Read my response at Huffington Post.

6 Things That Cost More Than This Career Investment

Life in the business world is expensive – but don’t let your next career move take a back seat! Take a second to raise your nose from the grindstone (or the yoga mat, or the keyboard) for this reality check about your career priorities.

Improve Your Impact; Improve Your Career

Last month, I had the privilege of delivering a keynote speech to 500 incredibly talented professionals at Working Mother Media’s annual Multicultural Women’s National Conference in New York City. As I took the stage on the first morning and began to share my story, I was struck by the remarkable vibe in the […]

The Volunteer Guide to Leadership

I’m delighted to introduce you to my friend and colleague David M. Dye. I asked David to share his wisdom via a guest blog because of his experience working with leaders who want to get more done, build teams that care, and meet their goals. He is the President of Trailblaze, Inc, tweets […]

Go Big or Go Home: What is Your Approach?

I love this saying because it conjures up images of a highly charged, “just do it” kind of person who is making things happen. On the other hand, I must admit that sometimes this phrase stops me cold in my tracks. I know the value of giving it your all, and I can intellectualize the […]

True Leadership is Invisible

As many of you know, social media can lead to some great connections. I learned of Gerardo A. Dada via Twitter in 2012 and we have been following each other ever since. Gerardo has been at the center of web, mobile, social and cloud revolutions for more than 15 years and drives business […]

Give Them What They Came For!

It’s what they hear that is most important. Give the audience what they came for. Audience analysis is the most critical aspect of developing a message for the audience. Don’t just focus on “why are you speaking?” it is more important to focus on “why the audience is listening?” They came for something, so give it to them.

Planning Your Goals for the New Year

I’m delighted to introduce to you my friend and colleague Thom Singer as my guest blogger. Thom is known as the “The Conference Catalyst” and is an expert in branding, positioning, and networking. Thom has trained thousands of professionals in the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business. You can learn more […]

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